Loudoun County Track & Field Schedule

DateTimeAway TeamResultHome TeamSite
Tue 4/275:30PIndependenceBroad RunBroad Run
Tue 4/275:30PPark ViewBroad RunBroad Run
Wed 4/283:00PDominionHeritageHeritage
Wed 4/283:00PLightridgeHeritageHeritage
Wed 4/283:00PLoudoun CountyHeritageHeritage
Wed 4/283:00PLoudoun ValleyHeritageHeritage
Wed 4/283:00PTuscaroraHeritageHeritage
Wed 4/285:00PFreedomBriar WoodsBriar Woods
Wed 4/285:30PRock RidgeStone BridgeStone Bridge
Wed 5/55:30PBroad RunDominionDominion
Wed 5/55:30PBriar WoodsFreedomFreedom
Wed 5/55:30PTuscaroraIndependenceIndependence
Wed 5/55:30PHeritageLoudoun CountyLoudoun County
Wed 5/55:30PIndependenceLoudoun CountyLoudoun County
Wed 5/55:30PLightridgeLoudoun ValleyLoudoun Valley
Wed 5/55:30PPark ViewLoudoun ValleyLoudoun Valley
Wed 5/55:30PStone BridgeWoodgroveWoodgrove
Wed 5/5TBDBriar WoodsRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 5/810:00AJohn ChampeOsbourn ParkOsbourn Park
Wed 5/125:00PRiversideBriar WoodsBriar Woods
Wed 5/125:30PBroad RunIndependenceIndependence
Wed 5/125:30PLightridgeIndependenceIndependence
Wed 5/125:30PTuscaroraLoudoun ValleyLoudoun Valley
Wed 5/125:30PDominionPark ViewPark View
Wed 5/125:30PFreedomStone BridgeStone Bridge
Wed 5/126:00PHeritageLoudoun ValleyLoudoun Valley
Wed 5/12TBDRock RidgeRock RidgeRock Ridge
Thu 5/135:30PLoudoun CountyPark ViewPark View
Sat 5/1510:00AJohn ChampeBattlefieldBattlefield
Tue 5/185:30PLoudoun CountyBroad RunBroad Run
Wed 5/195:00PBriar WoodsWoodgroveWoodgrove
Wed 5/195:30PLoudoun ValleyBroad RunBroad Run
Wed 5/195:30PDominionLightridgeLightridge
Wed 5/195:30PStone BridgePotomac FallsPotomac Falls
Wed 5/195:30PFreedomRiversideRiverside
Wed 5/195:30PIndependenceTuscaroraTuscarora
Wed 5/195:30PPark ViewTuscaroraTuscarora
Wed 5/196:00PHeritageLightridgeLightridge
Wed 5/19TBDRock RidgeRiversideRiverside
Fri 5/215:30PBroad RunPark ViewPark View
Sat 5/229:00ALoudoun CountyLightridgeLightridge
Sat 5/229:00AHeritagePark ViewPark View
Sat 5/229:00ATuscaroraRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 5/2210:00ADominionIndependenceIndependence
Sat 5/2210:00AJohn ChampePatriotPatriot
Sat 5/225:30PLoudoun ValleyIndependenceIndependence
Tue 5/255:30PPark ViewHeritageHeritage
Wed 5/265:00PBriar WoodsRock RidgeRock Ridge
Wed 5/265:30PLightridgeDominionDominion
Wed 5/265:30PBroad RunHeritageHeritage
Wed 5/265:30PIndependenceLoudoun CountyLoudoun County
Wed 5/265:30PTuscaroraLoudoun CountyLoudoun County
Wed 5/265:30PFreedomWoodgroveWoodgrove
Wed 5/266:00PHeritageHeritageHeritage
Wed 5/26TBDLoudoun ValleyDominionDominion
Wed 6/23:00PTuscaroraDominionDominion
Thu 6/34:30PTuscaroraDominionDominion
Thu 6/35:30PFreedomRock RidgeRock Ridge
Thu 6/35:30PStone BridgeRock RidgeRock Ridge
Thu 6/3TBDDulles DistrictDulles DistrictTBD
Sat 6/59:00ACedar Run MiniJohn ChampeJohn Champe
Wed 6/912:00PRegion 5CRegion 5CThomas Jefferson
Wed 6/95:00PRegion 6BRegion 6BOsbourn Park
Wed 6/9TBDRegion 4CRegion 4CTBD
Thu 6/1012:00PRegion 5CRegion 5CStone Bridge
Thu 6/10TBDRegion 3BRegion 3BMaggie Walker
Thu 6/10TBDRegion 4CRegion 4CFauquier
Sat 6/125:00PRegion 6BRegion 6BPatriot
Fri 6/188:00AVHSL 6A StateVHSL 6A StateTodd Stadium
Fri 6/18TBDVHSL 5A StateVHSL 5A StateTBD
Sat 6/198:00AVHSL 6A StateVHSL 6A StateTodd Stadium
Sat 6/19TBDVHSL 5A StateVHSL 5A StateTBD

The LCPS Track & Field Schedule is published by the LoCoSports team and updated on a regular basis. If you know of any updates to the schedule or have any missing scores, please reach out through our contact form or email us at schedules@locosports.info.