Loudoun County Swimming Schedule

Fri 11/306:00PLoudoun ValleyLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Fri 11/307:00PRiversideDominionIda Lee
Fri 11/309:00PFreedomBriar WoodsIda Lee
Sat 12/11:00PRiversideBriar WoodsClaude Moore
Sat 12/11:00PWoodgroveFreedomDulles South
Sat 12/13:00PPark ViewHeritageIda Lee
Sat 12/13:00PTuscaroraRock RidgeSouth Riding
Sat 12/15:00PStone BridgePotomac FallsClaude Moore
Sat 12/15:00PJohn ChampeBroad RunSouth Riding
Fri 12/76:00PJohn ChampeHeritageIda Lee
Sat 12/81:00PRiversideWoodgroveClaude Moore
Sat 12/81:00PPotomac FallsFreedomDulles South
Sat 12/83:00PLoudoun ValleyDominionClaude Moore
Sat 12/83:00PRock RidgeBroad RunSouth Riding
Sat 12/85:00PLoudoun CountyBriar WoodsSouth Riding
Sat 12/88:00PTuscaroraStone BridgeIda Lee
Fri 12/147:00PWoodgroveLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Fri 12/149:00PStone BridgeRock RidgeIda Lee
Sat 12/151:00PRiversideHeritageClaude Moore
Sat 12/151:00PFreedomBroad RunSouth Riding
Sat 12/153:00PPotomac FallsBriar WoodsClaude Moore
Sat 12/153:00PRock RidgeDominionSouth Riding
Sat 12/155:00PWoodgroveStone BridgeClaude Moore
Sat 12/155:00PTuscaroraJohn ChampeSouth Riding
Sat 12/156:00PPark ViewLoudoun ValleyClaude Moore
Fri 12/217:00PJohn ChampeBriar WoodsIda Lee
Fri 12/219:00PMillbrookLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Fri 12/219:00PPark ViewLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Fri 12/287:00PWoodgroveDominionIda Lee
Fri 12/289:00PStone BridgeJohn ChampeIda Lee
Sat 12/291:00PRock RidgePotomac FallsClaude Moore
Sat 12/291:00PBroad RunBriar WoodsSouth Riding
Sat 12/294:00PTuscaroraFreedomDulles South
Sat 12/295:00PStone BridgeDominionClaude Moore
Sat 12/295:00PPark ViewJohn ChampeSouth Riding
Sat 12/296:00PRiversideLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Fri 1/47:00PHeritageDominionIda Lee
Fri 1/49:00PTuscaroraBroad RunIda Lee
Sat 1/51:00PRiversideLoudoun ValleyClaude Moore
Sat 1/51:00PRock RidgeFreedomDulles South
Sat 1/53:00PWoodgrovePark ViewClaude Moore
Sat 1/53:00PPotomac FallsJohn ChampeSouth Riding
Sat 1/55:00PStone BridgeBriar WoodsClaude Moore
Sat 1/56:00PTuscaroraLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Sat 1/58:00PHeritageBroad RunIda Lee
Fri 1/117:00PStone BridgeFreedomIda Lee
Fri 1/119:00PRiversidePark ViewIda Lee
Sat 1/121:00PPotomac FallsBroad RunClaude Moore
Sat 1/121:00PRock RidgeJohn ChampeSouth Riding
Sat 1/123:00PLoudoun CountyDominionClaude Moore
Sat 1/123:00PLoudoun ValleyFreedomDulles South
Sat 1/125:00PStone BridgePark ViewClaude Moore
Sat 1/126:00PTuscaroraBriar WoodsIda Lee
Sat 1/128:00PWoodgroveHeritageIda Lee
Fri 1/189:00AWoodgroveLoudoun ValleyIda Lee
Fri 1/187:00PTuscaroraPotomac FallsIda Lee
Sat 1/191:00PStone BridgeBroad RunClaude Moore
Sat 1/191:00PJohn ChampeFreedomDulles South
Sat 1/193:00PRock RidgeBriar WoodsClaude Moore
Sat 1/193:00PPotomac FallsLoudoun ValleySouth Riding
Sat 1/195:00PPark ViewDominionClaude Moore
Sat 1/197:00PRiversideTuscaroraIda Lee
Sat 1/198:00PLoudoun CountyHeritageIda Lee
Wed 1/236:00PAlbemarleBriar WoodsSmith Pool
Sat 1/262:00PPotomac DistrictPotomac DistrictSouth Riding
Sat 1/266:00PDulles DistrictDulles DistrictClaude Moore
Fri 2/12:00PVHSL Region 4CVHSL Region 4CClaude Moore
Sat 2/22:00PVHSL Region 5CVHSL Region 5CClaude Moore
Fri 2/158:00AVHSL 4A StateVHSL 4A StateSwimRVA
Sat 2/168:00AVHSL 5A StateVHSL 5A StateGeorge Mason

The LCPS Swimming Schedule is published by the LoCoSports’ team and updated on a regular basis. If you know of any updates to the schedule or have any missing scores, please reach out through our contact form or email us at schedules@locosports.info.