Loudoun County Swimming Schedule

DateTimeAway TeamResultHome TeamSite
Fri 12/36:00PJohn ChampeCedar Run MiniColgan
Fri 12/37:00PPotomac FallsWoodgroveIda Lee
Fri 12/39:00PHeritageLoudoun ValleyIda Lee
Sat 12/41:00PIndependenceBriar WoodsSouth Riding
Sat 12/41:00PStone BridgeRiversideClaude Moore
Sat 12/43:00PBroad RunRock RidgeClaude Moore
Sat 12/45:00PJohn ChampeFreedomSouth Riding
Sat 12/45:00PFreedomJohn ChampeDulles South
Sat 12/45:00PLoudoun CountyLightridgeSouth Riding
Sat 12/45:00PDominionPark ViewClaude Moore
Sat 12/47:00PWoodgroveTuscaroraIda Lee
Sat 12/48:00PHeritagePotomac FallsIda Lee
Fri 12/107:00PWoodgroveBriar WoodsIda Lee
Fri 12/109:00PRock RidgeTuscaroraIda Lee
Sat 12/111:00PPotomac FallsRiversideClaude Moore
Sat 12/111:00PIndependenceStone BridgeSouth Riding
Sat 12/113:00PLightridgeHeritageSouth Riding
Sat 12/113:00PBriar WoodsLoudoun CountyClaude Moore
Sat 12/115:00PPark ViewBroad RunClaude Moore
Sat 12/115:00PLoudoun ValleyDominionSouth Riding
Sat 12/115:00POsbournJohn ChampeColgan
Sat 12/117:00PFreedomPatriotFreedom Aquatic Center
Fri 12/177:00PPark ViewWoodgroveIda Lee
Fri 12/178:00POsbournFreedomFreedom Aquatic Center
Sat 12/188:30ALCPS ChampionshipLCPS ChampionshipClaude Moore
Thu 1/61:00PLightridgeLoudoun ValleySouth Riding
Fri 1/77:00PBriar WoodsStone BridgeIda Lee
Fri 1/77:30PGainesvilleJohn ChampeFreedom Aquatic Center
Fri 1/79:00PTuscaroraPotomac FallsIda Lee
Sat 1/81:00PRiversideWoodgroveWoodgrove
Sat 1/81:00PLightridgeLoudoun ValleySouth Riding
Sat 1/83:00PRock RidgeHeritageSouth Riding
Sat 1/83:00PPotomac FallsIndependenceClaude Moore
Sat 1/83:00PHeritageRock RidgeSouth Riding
Sat 1/85:00PFreedomBattlefieldDulles South
Sat 1/85:00PDominionTuscaroraClaude Moore
Sat 1/86:00PBroad RunBriar WoodsIda Lee
Sat 1/86:30PJohn ChampeUnity ReedFreedom Aquatic Center
Sat 1/88:00PLoudoun CountyPark ViewIda Lee
Fri 1/147:00PLightridgeStone BridgeIda Lee
Fri 1/149:00PLoudoun ValleyRock RidgeIda Lee
Sat 1/151:00PRiversideBriar WoodsClaude Moore
Sat 1/151:00PRock RidgeDominionSouth Riding
Sat 1/153:00PWoodgroveIndependenceSouth Riding
Sat 1/153:00PStone BridgePotomac FallsClaude Moore
Sat 1/155:00PTuscaroraBroad RunClaude Moore
Sat 1/155:00PJohn ChampePatriotSouth Riding
Sat 1/156:00PUnity ReedFreedomColgan
Sat 1/156:00PPark ViewHeritageIda Lee
Sat 1/158:00PLoudoun ValleyLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Fri 1/216:00PFreedomGainesvilleColgan
Fri 1/217:00PRiversideIndependenceIda Lee
Fri 1/217:30PBattlefieldJohn ChampeFreedom Aquatic Center
Fri 1/219:00PTuscaroraHeritageIda Lee
Sat 1/221:00PIndependenceLightridgeSouth Riding
Sat 1/221:00PHeritageRiversideClaude Moore
Sat 1/223:00PBriar WoodsPotomac FallsClaude Moore
Sat 1/223:00PLoudoun CountyRock RidgeSouth Riding
Sat 1/225:00PBroad RunDominionClaude Moore
Sat 1/225:00PFreedomOsbourn ParkDulles South
Sat 1/226:00PStone BridgeIndependenceIda Lee
Sat 1/228:00PPark ViewLoudoun ValleyIda Lee
Fri 1/285:00PCedar Run DistrictCedar Run DistrictFreedom Aquatic Center
Fri 1/287:00PLoudoun CountyDominionIda Lee
Fri 1/289:00PLightridgeBroad RunIda Lee
Sat 1/291:00PWoodgroveLightridgeSouth Riding
Sat 1/291:00PPotomac DistrictPotomac DistrictClaude Moore
Sat 1/293:00PDominionIndependenceClaude Moore
Sat 1/296:00PLoudoun ValleyTuscaroraIda Lee
Sat 1/298:00PPark ViewRock RidgeIda Lee
Sat 2/510:00AVHSL Region 5DVHSL Region 5DStafford
Sat 2/52:00PDulles DistrictDulles DistrictClaude Moore
Sat 2/5TBDVHSL Region 6BVHSL Region 6BJeff Rouse Swim and Sport Center
Sat 2/127:30AVHSL Region 4CVHSL Region 4CClaude Moore
Fri 2/18TBDVHSL 4A StateVHSL 4A StateSwimRVA
Fri 2/18TBDVHSL 6A StateVHSL 6A StateJeff Rouse Swim & Sports Center
Sat 2/19TBDVHSL 5A StateVHSL 5A StateJeff Rouse Swim & Sports Center

The Winter Schedule is published by the LoCoSports’ team and updated on a regular basis. If you know of any updates to the schedule or have any missing scores, please reach out through our contact form or email us at schedules@locosports.info.