Loudoun County Swimming Schedule

Fri 12/17:00PRiversideDominionIda Lee
Fri 12/19:00PBriar WoodsFreedomIda Lee
Sat 12/24:00PJohn ChampeBroad RunClaude Moore
Sat 12/26:00PLoudoun CountyLoudoun ValleyIda Lee
Sat 12/28:00PHeritagePark ViewClaude Moore
Sat 12/212:00PPotomac FallsStone BridgeClaude Moore
Sat 12/22:00PRock RidgeTuscaroraClaude Moore
Sat 12/94:00PDominionLoudoun ValleyClaude Moore
Sat 12/96:00PFreedomPotomac FallsClaude Moore
Sat 12/92:00PWoodgroveRiversideClaude Moore
Sat 12/912:00PTuscaroraStone BridgeIda Lee
Fri 12/159:00PRock RidgeStone BridgeIda Lee
Fri 12/157:00PLoudoun CountyWoodgroveIda Lee
Sat 12/162:00PFreedomBroad RunClaude Moore
Sat 12/164:00PWoodgroveDominionClaude Moore
Sat 12/166:00PLoudoun ValleyPark ViewIda Lee
Sat 12/1612:00PBriar WoodsPotomac FallsClaude Moore
Sat 12/168:00PHeritageRiversideIda Lee
Sat 12/166:00PJohn ChampeTuscaroraClaude Moore
Tue 12/195:00PLoudoun CountyTurner AshbyJim Barnett
Fri 12/227:00PBriar WoodsJohn ChampeIda Lee
Fri 12/229:00PLoudoun CountyPark ViewIda Lee
Fri 12/297:00PWoodgroveDominionIda Lee
Fri 12/297:00PBroad RunRock RidgeIda Lee
Sat 12/304:00PBriar WoodsBroad RunClaude Moore
Sat 12/306:00PTuscaroraFreedomClaude Moore
Sat 12/308:00PHeritageLoudoun ValleyIda Lee
Sat 12/306:00PLoudoun CountyRiversideIda Lee
Sat 12/302:00PPotomac FallsRock RidgeClaude Moore
Sat 12/3012:00PJohn ChampeStone BridgeClaude Moore
Fri 1/59:00PTuscaroraBroad RunIda Lee
Fri 1/57:00PHeritageDominionIda Lee
Sat 1/64:00PRock RidgeFreedomClaude Moore
Sat 1/68:00PHeritageLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Sat 1/66:00PRiversideLoudoun ValleyIda Lee
Sat 1/612:00PWoodgrovePark ViewClaude Moore
Sat 1/66:00PJohn ChampePotomac FallsClaude Moore
Sat 1/62:00PBriar WoodsStone BridgeClaude Moore
Sat 1/66:00PLoudoun CountyTuscaroraIda Lee
Fri 1/127:00PStone BridgeFreedomIda Lee
Fri 1/129:00PRiversidePark ViewIda Lee
Sat 1/132:00PPotomac FallsBroad RunClaude Moore
Sat 1/134:00PLoudoun CountyDominionClaude Moore
Sat 1/1312:00PPark ViewLoudoun ValleyClaude Moore
Sat 1/136:00PJohn ChampeRock RidgeClaude Moore
Sat 1/136:00PBriar WoodsTuscaroraIda Lee
Sat 1/138:00PHeritageWoodgroveIda Lee
Wed 1/176:00PBriar WoodsAlbemarleCharlottesville
Wed 1/176:00PBriar WoodsPatrick HenryCharlottesville
Fri 1/197:00PStone BridgeBroad RunIda Lee
Fri 1/199:00PWoodgroveLoudoun ValleyIda Lee
Sat 1/206:00PJohn ChampeFreedomClaude Moore
Sat 1/208:00PLoudoun CountyHeritageIda Lee
Sat 1/204:00PDominionPark ViewClaude Moore
Sat 1/2012:00PTuscaroraPotomac FallsClaude Moore
Sat 1/206:00PStone BridgeRiversideIda Lee
Sat 1/202:00PBriar WoodsRock RidgeClaude Moore
Fri 1/266:00PPotomac DistrictPotomac DistrictClaude Moore
Sat 1/272:00PDulles DistrictDulles DistrictClaude Moore
Thu 2/110:00AVHSL Region 5CVHSL Region 5CColgan
Sat 2/33:00PVHSL Region 4CVHSL Region 4CClaude Moore

The 2017-2018 Winter Schedule is published by the LoCoSports’ team and updated on a regular basis. If you know of any updates to the schedule or have any missing scores, please reach out through our contact form or email us at schedules@locosports.info.