Loudoun County Ice Hockey Schedule & Results

Fri 11/27:55PFlint Hill10-0LCHS/TuskySkateQuest of Reston
Sat 11/39:00PKettle Run6-4RiversideAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/99:10PLCHS/Tusky2-6RiversideAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/99:20PFauquier6-4Broad RunAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/99:40PFlint Hill5-6Heritage/RockSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 11/910:40PFreedom1-10ChantillyAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/910:50PDom/PFalls11-6Stone BridgeAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/166:10PJohn Champe2-3McLeanSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 11/169:10PLCHS/Tusky2-5Briar WoodsAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/169:20PStone Bridge6-4Heritage/RockAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/169:40PFreedom3-4MadisonSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 11/1610:40PDom/PFalls4-6Broad RunAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/1610:50PBattlefield1-1RiversideAshburn Ice House
Wed 11/213:40PCentreville0-10John ChampeAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/308:00PPatriot1-3Dom/PFallsHaymarket North
Fri 11/309:10PHeritage/Rock6-1Briar WoodsAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/309:20PStone Bridge10-0LCHS/TuskyAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/3010:40PPotomac School6-4FreedomAshburn Ice House
Fri 11/3010:50PBroad Run8-2BattlefieldAshburn Ice House
Sun 12/28:40PYorktown5-3John ChampeSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 12/76:10PJohn ChampeSouth LakesSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 12/76:30PBroad RunKettle RunHaymarket North
Fri 12/78:00PBriar WoodsPatriotHaymarket North
Fri 12/79:00PStone BridgeBattlefieldHaymarket South
Fri 12/79:10PHeritage/RockRiversideAshburn Ice House
Fri 12/79:20PFauquierDom/PFallsAshburn Ice House
Fri 12/79:40PFreedomLangleySkateQuest of Reston
Fri 12/146:00PHeritage/RockPatriotHaymarket South
Fri 12/148:00PBattlefieldLCHS/TuskyHaymarket North
Fri 12/149:00PBriar WoodsKettle RunHaymarket South
Fri 12/149:10PFauquierStone BridgeAshburn Ice House
Fri 12/149:20PLangleyJohn ChampeAshburn Ice House
Fri 12/149:40PRiversideFlint HillSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 12/1410:40PMcLeanFreedomAshburn Ice House
Sun 12/168:40PDom/PFallsFlint HillSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 12/216:00PPatriotBroad RunHaymarket South
Fri 12/217:55PBattlefieldBriar WoodsSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 12/218:20PChantillyJohn ChampeKettler Capital Iceplex
Fri 12/219:40PLCHS/TuskyHeritage/RockSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 1/47:55PStone BridgeFlint HillSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 1/49:00PRiversideFauquierHaymarket South
Fri 1/49:10PBriar WoodsDom/PFallsAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/49:20PBroad RunHeritage/RockAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/49:40PJohn ChampePotomac SchoolSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 1/410:40PSouth LakesFreedomAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/118:00PDom/PFallsBattlefieldHaymarket North
Fri 1/119:00PHeritage/RockFauquierHaymarket South
Fri 1/119:10PRiversideStone BridgeAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/119:20PFlint HillBriar WoodsAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/1110:40PBroad RunLCHS/TuskyAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/1110:50PJohn ChampeFreedomAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/186:10PFauquierLCHS/TuskySkateQuest of Reston
Fri 1/256:30PLCHS/TuskyPatriotHaymarket North
Fri 1/259:10PBriar WoodsRiversideAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/259:20PStone BridgeBroad RunAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/259:40PFreedomCentrevilleSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 1/2510:40PKettle RunDom/PFallsAshburn Ice House
Fri 1/2510:50PMadisonJohn ChampeAshburn Ice House
Fri 2/16:40PFreedomYorktownKettler Capital Iceplex
Fri 2/18:00PHeritage/RockKettle RunHaymarket North
Fri 2/19:10PBroad RunBriar WoodsAshburn Ice House
Fri 2/19:20PPatriotStone BridgeAshburn Ice House
Fri 2/19:40PJohn ChampeOaktonSkateQuest of Reston
Fri 2/110:40PRiversideDom/PFallsAshburn Ice House
Fri 2/89:00PLCHS/TuskyKettle RunHaymarket South
Fri 2/89:10PBriar WoodsStone BridgeAshburn Ice House
Fri 2/89:20PRiversideBroad RunAshburn Ice House
Fri 2/810:40PDom/PFallsHeritage/RockAshburn Ice House
Fri 2/810:50POaktonFreedomAshburn Ice House

The Winter Schedule is published by the LoCoSports’ team and updated on a regular basis. If you know of any updates to the schedule or have any missing scores, please reach out through our contact form or email us at schedules@locosports.info.