Loudoun County Cross Country Schedule

DateTimeAway TeamResultHome TeamSite
Mon 3/1TBDStone BridgeRock RidgeRock Ridge
Wed 3/33:30PLightridgeDominionAlgonkian
Wed 3/33:30PLoudoun ValleyDominionAlgonkian
Wed 3/33:30PIndependenceHeritageIda Lee
Wed 3/33:30PLoudoun CountyHeritageIda Lee
Wed 3/33:30PPark ViewHeritageIda Lee
Wed 3/33:30PTuscaroraHeritageIda Lee
Wed 3/33:30PBroad RunRiversideOatlands
Wed 3/34:00PBriar WoodsFreedomFreedom
Wed 3/34:00PFreedomRiversideOatlands
Wed 3/34:00PPotomac FallsRiversideOatlands
Mon 3/84:00PFreedomPotomac FallsAlgonkian
Mon 3/8TBDRock RidgeBriar WoodsBriar Woods
Wed 3/103:30PDominionLoudoun CountyAlgonkian
Wed 3/103:30PTuscaroraLoudoun ValleyFranklin Park
Wed 3/103:30PBroad RunTuscaroraOatlands
Wed 3/103:30PLightridgeTuscaroraOatlands
Wed 3/104:00PBriar WoodsRock RidgeRock Ridge
Mon 3/15TBDWoodgroveRock RidgeRock Ridge
Wed 3/174:00PFreedomBriar WoodsRock Ridge
Wed 3/174:00PRiversideBriar WoodsRock Ridge
Wed 3/175:30PDominionLightridgeLightridge
Wed 3/175:30PPark ViewTuscaroraMorven Park
Wed 3/175:30PLoudoun ValleyLoudoun CountyOatlands
Wed 3/175:30PBroad RunLoudoun ValleyOatlands
Wed 3/175:30PStone BridgeBriar WoodsTBA
Sat 3/2010:00AIndependenceLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Mon 3/22TBDRiversideRock RidgeRock Ridge
Tue 3/234:00PPotomac FallsStone BridgeStone Bridge
Tue 3/234:00PBriar WoodsWoodgroveWoodgrove
Tue 3/234:00PFreedomWoodgroveWoodgrove
Tue 3/235:30PDominionLoudoun ValleyOatlands
Wed 3/245:30PLoudoun CountyLightridgeLightridge
Wed 3/245:30PTuscaroraLightridgeLightridge
Thu 3/254:00PRock RidgePotomac FallsAlgonkian
Sat 3/279:00ABroad RunDominionAlgonkian
Sat 3/279:00ATuscaroraDominionAlgonkian
Sat 3/279:00ALoudoun ValleyLoudoun ValleyFranklin Park
Sat 3/2710:00APark ViewLoudoun ValleyFranklin Park
Sat 3/271:00PLightridgeLoudoun ValleyFranklin Park
Sat 3/27TBDRock RidgePotomac FallsPotomac Falls
Mon 3/2910:30AIndependenceBroad RunOatlands
Mon 3/2910:30APark ViewBroad RunOatlands
Mon 3/295:30PDominionLoudoun CountyOatlands
Mon 3/295:30PLightridgeLoudoun CountyOatlands
Mon 3/295:30PTuscaroraLoudoun CountyOatlands
Tue 3/305:30PLoudoun ValleyLoudoun ValleyMorven Park
Mon 4/54:00PBriar WoodsPotomac FallsPotomac Falls
Mon 4/5TBDRock RidgeFreedomFreedom
Tue 4/6TBDDulles DistrictDulles DistrictMorven Park
Wed 4/74:00PFreedomRock RidgeRock Ridge
Tue 4/131:00PVHSL Region 4C ChampionshipVHSL Region 4C ChampionshipMorven Park
Tue 4/134:00PVHSL Region 3B ChampionshipsVHSL Region 3B ChampionshipsCentral
Wed 4/14TBDVHSL Region 5C ChampionshipVHSL Region 5C ChampionshipWoodgrove
Fri 4/232:00PVHSL 5A StateVHSL 5A StateTBA
Fri 4/23TBDVHSL 4A StateVHSL 4A StateTBA

The Cross Country Schedule is published by the LoCoSports’ team and updated on a regular basis. If you know of any updates to the schedule or have any missing scores, please reach out through our contact form or email us at schedules@locosports.info.