Loudoun County Cross Country Schedule

DateTimeAway TeamHome TeamSite
Sat 8/289:00ADominionGreat Meadow InviteGreat Meadow
Sat 8/289:00AJohn ChampeGreat Meadow InviteGreat Meadow
Sat 8/289:00ALightridgeGreat Meadow InviteGreat Meadow
Sat 8/289:00ALoudoun CountyGreat Meadow InviteGreat Meadow
Sat 8/289:00ALoudoun ValleyGreat Meadow InviteGreat Meadow
Wed 9/15:00PPotomac FallsDominionAlgonkian
Wed 9/15:00PBroad RunTuscaroraMorven Park
Wed 9/15:00PLightridgeTuscaroraMorven Park
Wed 9/82:30PFreedomCedar Run MiniNokesville Park
Wed 9/83:30PJohn ChampeCedar Run MiniNokesville Park
Wed 9/84:00PPotomac FallsBriar WoodsBriar Woods
Wed 9/84:30PDominionLoudoun ValleyOatlands
Wed 9/84:30PPark ViewLoudoun ValleyOatlands
Wed 9/85:00PIndependenceRiversideOatlands
Wed 9/85:00PStone BridgeRiversideOatlands
Wed 9/85:00PWoodgroveRiversideOatlands
Wed 9/85:00PHeritageRock RidgeOthello Regional
Wed 9/85:00PLoudoun CountyRock RidgeOthello Regional
Sat 9/119:00ABriar WoodsOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00ADominionOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00AHeritageOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00AIndependenceOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00AJohn ChampeOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00ALightridgeOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00ALoudoun CountyOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00ALoudoun ValleyOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00APark ViewOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00APotomac FallsOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00ARiversideOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00ARock RidgeOatlands InviteOatlands
Sat 9/119:00ATuscaroraOatlands InviteOatlands
Wed 9/155:30PLightridgeRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 9/189:00ADominionLake BraddockLake Braddock
Sat 9/189:00AHeritageRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 9/189:00ALightridgeRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 9/189:00ALoudoun CountyRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 9/189:00APark ViewRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 9/18TBDJohn ChampeRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 9/18TBDTBDStone BridgeOatlands
Wed 9/222:30PFreedomCedar Run MiniNokesville Park
Wed 9/223:30PJohn ChampeCedar Run MiniNokesville Park
Wed 9/224:00PBriar WoodsWoodgroveWoodgrove
Wed 9/224:00PRiversideWoodgroveWoodgrove
Wed 9/225:00PIndependenceDominionAlgonkian
Wed 9/225:00PPotomac FallsDominionAlgonkian
Wed 9/225:00PHeritageLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Wed 9/225:30PStone BridgeDominionAlgonkian
Wed 9/225:30PLightridgeLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Wed 9/225:30PLoudoun ValleyLoudoun CountyIda Lee
Wed 9/225:30PPark ViewRock RidgeRock Ridge
Wed 9/225:30PTuscaroraRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 9/259:00ABriar WoodsRock RidgeRock Ridge
Sat 9/25TBDLoudoun ValleyCarlisle InviteWoodgrove
Wed 9/295:00PIndependencePotomac FallsAlgonkian
Wed 9/295:00PRiversideWoodgroveWoodgrove
Wed 9/295:00PStone BridgeWoodgroveWoodgrove

The Cross Country Schedule is published by the LoCoSports’ team and updated on a regular basis. If you know of any updates to the schedule or have any missing scores, please reach out through our contact form or email us at schedules@locosports.info.