Frame an Article, Cherish a Memory

Over the years, we’ve had a number of parents ask us if we can print and frame articles for them to give as gifts, hang in walls of fame, or simply to have as keepsakes. We’ve always accommodated such requests, and now, we’re making it easier than ever to cherish these memories.

Through our partner OG Media, we can now print and frame 11″x14″ LoCoSports articles of your favorite student-athlete for just $42.40 ($40 + $2.40 sales tax). We use a simple black frame, and the articles are reformatted from our digital format to look like they were published in a print newspaper. If you’d prefer to frame the article yourself, we can also print the reformatted article without framing for just $26.50 ($25 + $1.50 sales tax) per article. Shipping charges vary.

If you’d like to have an article of your son or daughter reformatted, printed, and framed, please fill out the contact form below to let us know which article you’d like. We’ll get in touch with you directly to confirm your order, collect payment, and start to work producing your keepsake.

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