LoCoSports Football Pick’Ems – Results

The results are in and the State Championships winner of the LoCoSports Football Pick’Ems sponsored by Cheers Sports is The Oracle from Potomac Falls! The Oracle went 6-0 on the week, beat all of the local experts and will take home a gift certificate for a free meal at ResQ Grille!

LocoLarry from Leesburg placed second on the week and missed the final score of the Game of the Week between Tuscarora and Highland Springs High Schools by 12 points. LocoLarry will take home a gift certificate for 25% off a Christmas cheesecake from Custom Cakes by Jill.

FrameworkFrank from Leesburg is the 2017 LoCoSports Pick’Ems champion! FrameworkFrank went 97-20 and picked 11 Game of the Week winners correctly, just edging out Bo Knows from Round Hill who went 97-20, but picked just 9 Games of the Week correctly.

Chris Bourassa from Gameday led the experts in week 16 with a 5-1 record. Carl Lukat from the Loudoun Times-Mirror won the season-long experts pool, finishing at 95-22.

Can’t remember your picks? Check them out here.

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The Experts
ExpertMedia OutletWLWeek 16 WWeek 16 L
Arnav KumarLoCoSports
Carl LukatLoudoun Times-Mirror
Chris BourassaGameday
Dillon MullanThe Washington Post
Marcellus BowieLegit Sport Stats
Moe MurphyClarke County Sports
Scott HembachCheers Sports
FrameworkFrank2017 Pick'Ems Winner
The Fans
Pick'Ems AliasHometown:WLWeek 16 WWeek 16 L