Gymnastics: APEX Gymnasts Win Team Silvers at Christmas on the Chesapeake


Baltimore, Md. — Four APEX gymnastics teams finished in the top 5 with the Level 3 and Level 4 girls bringing home silver medals at the Christmas on the Chesapeake invitational at the Baltimore Convention Center on December 10–12. Level 3 gymnast Sophia Navarez and Level 4 gymnast Julia Wishard led their respective teams with first place all-around finishes.

APEX Results…

Level 3 Results
Sophia Navarez52211
Goija May Cook410263
Nicola Arguttar84115
Mikayla Bergeron27685
Julianna Indiviglio4545
Jayla Bussey2986
Vivienne Hinkle86967
Avery Love18108
Taylor Mataxas108889
Sofie Endhart510109
Eisley Wall710
Mila Alfredo97
Whitney Homan13
Level 4 Results
Julia Wishard12221
Tapanga Baber35212
Anabel Perrson68133
Anneliese Schreiber-Green43333
Makiya Warner2543
Arya Gillum97515
Hayden Hill96296
Sarah Cook7696
Annabelle Horner41126
Miraya Dhir71157
Lilly Kennedy7947
Alison Owens6497
Abbey Lee9101079
Emily Berry111110
Peyton Roberts8811
Lanie Deddens511
Lorelai King118712
Grace Goodwin8512
Reagan LePore841012
Wesley Fernstrom15
Alexandra Moyer14
Emilia Mulford12
Madeline Clegg1112
Lanie Melka12
Hannah Troup117
Caroline Frye1
Serena Marra8
Julia Ludwig7
Rebecca Zielke6
Valerie Lindquist4127
Level 6 Results
Nicole Shin8786
Maylin Fay568
Reagan Burris299
Savannah Garrett799
Meridee Gaynor1210
Chole Winn12
Amanda Mancilla11
Aubree Matthews101111
Katie Bickart6
Addison Clarke37
Level 7 Results
Lina Quispe42243
Gabrielle Beale84887
Kate Stone658
Rylan Archer649
Emily Thompson10
Lindsey Armitage108
Brooke James965
Sianna Lazarri459
Kaitlin Rath4107
Anya Palmer910
Haylee Stromberg9
Level 8 Results
Vivian Blum166
Wareesha Islam777108
Sadie Blackmon610910
Kira Hayes533
Caroline Smith69
Megan Rubinich
Level 9/10 Results
Carrie Wiggins645
Lizzy Ebersole3235
Lauren Greene33

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