Golf: Heritage Sophomore Joe Johnson Named August 2021 Athlete of the Month


Loudoun County, Va. – In an effort to better recognize student-athletes who positively affect high school sports in Loudoun County, Gymnaze and LoCoSports have teamed up to announce Heritage High School sophomore Joe Johnson as the Gymnaze and LoCoSports Athlete of the Month for August 2021.

Johnson has the Pride off to a fantastic start in 2021 as they’ll look to battle for the top spot in the Dulles District. As Heritage’s No. 1, Johnson most recently shot the low round against Broad Run on September 3, leading the Pride to a 151-176 win over the Spartans.

“Whether he wanted it or not, Joe is the face of our team. He sets the standard for attitude, reliability, work ethic, and dedication. If he doesn’t make a practice, if he lets a bad shot bother him, if he disrespects a team member or opposing player, if he has a blasé attitude during a practice or match, or if he acts immaturely or inappropriately outside team activities, the other players would notice it and be affected by it,” Heritage head coach Ken Schiffer said. “His play and demeanor are noticed by the team, the school, and all those outside Heritage who encounter him. That’s a tremendous responsibility to to put on a sophomore, and Joe handles it extremely well.”

Just a sophomore, Johnson will compete at the top of the Dulles District this season, and he has his work ethic and golf IQ to thank for that.

“Joe gets that sense from the many years, days, and hours he has spent on the golf course, at the range, and in the golf environment,” Schiffer said. “I have gone out to River Creek in the dead of winter, when the temperature was hovering at 40 degrees and when it was spitting rain or snow, and there would be Joe—by himself—hitting ball after ball on the range.”

When he’s not practicing himself, he’s helping his teammates with different tips and techniques in hopes of leading Heritage to a successful 2021 season.

“His attention to detail is amazing. One day, when the team was practicing its short game, Joe was explaining to the team how a slight adjustment in the angle of the club shaft would affect how the ball reacted when it hit the green,” Schiffer said. “Joe has the work ethic, physical capabilities, and mental approach to make him one of the outstanding young golfers in our state.”

The Gymnaze and LoCoSports Athlete of the Month is selected from nominations based on student-athletes having great success, hustle, work ethic, attitude and heart.

If you wish to nominate a student-athlete for athlete or teammate of the month, please reach out through our contact form or email us at


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