Gymnastics: Freedom Wins Fourth Straight VHSL 5A State Title


Virginia Beach, Va. — For the fourth straight year and the fifth time in six years, the Freedom High School gymnastics team has won the VHSL State title, moving them into a tie for second place with Park View for the most gymnastics team championships in VHSL history. Led by senior Riley Waldrop and junior Emily Hyun, the Eagles edged out Stafford, 143.850-141.383, in the four-team state final on February 21 in Virginia Beach.

Waldrop was the only Eagle to compete in all four events at the team championship, scoring a 9.750 on vault, 9.217 on bars, 9.533 on beam, and 9.033 on floor. Hyun competed in the bars (9.183), beam (9.400), and floor (9.533).

Freedom also got key performances from juniors Dori Bruno, Emily Clark, Kendall Powell; sophomores Taylor Duncan, Paulina Pham; freshmen Riley Mullins; and senior Camryn Procaccini.

Heritage High School senior Riley Carroll helped the Pride to a fourth place team finish.

In the individual championships on February 20, Waldrop turned in the best Loudoun finish, placing third in the all-around. Hyun also picked up individual all-state honors finishing eighth.

Waldrop was also all-state in the vault (9.600), bars (9.267), and beam (9.567), while Hyun picked up additional all-state finishes in the floor exercise (9.500) and beam (9.733). Further all-state performances from Loudoun athletes included Carroll on floor (9.467), Loudoun Valley junior Carly Snyder on vault (9.617), and Woodgrove freshman Rylee Evans on floor (9.450).

Complete meet results…

All-Around Results
1Payton MorrisonFairfax9.6179.5179.8009.60038.534
2Sophia HousandStafford9.4679.2679.6009.50037.834
3Riley WaldropFreedom9.6009.2679.5679.21737.651
4Maddie CleggForest Park9.2679.5009.7009.00037.467
5Zara ChristopheMountain View9.6009.3178.8839.13336.933
6Ava DunnWT Woodson9.1009.2339.3839.06736.783
7Emily HyunFreedom8.5009.0179.7339.50036.750
8Kara LeeOcean Lakes9.0178.5009.5679.40036.484
9Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley9.6178.4839.0009.28336.383
10Julia StoutLangley9.6839.2338.4678.81736.200
11Keira FuMarshall9.2838.7508.8338.98335.849
12Ainsley CornstubleGreen Run9.2508.4679.1678.88335.767
13Riley CarrollHeritage8.9508.3178.8679.46735.601
14Ericka RobertsonKellam9.3677.4839.1509.15035.150
15Graceemae MurrayColonial Forge9.4338.3178.2509.10035.100
Vault Results
1Julia StoutLangley9.683
2Payton MorrisonFairfax9.617
2Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley9.617
4Riley WaldropFreedom9.600
4Zara ChristopheMountain View9.600
6Breana SpainColonial Forge9.550
7Kaitlyn BieckerBrooke Point9.500
8Sophia HousandStafford9.467
9Graceemae MurrayColonial Forge9.433
10Ericka RobertsonKellam9.367
10Quinn BracknellKempsville9.367
12Virginia KeysHayfield9.300
12Avery GoodlinLoudoun Valley9.300
14Keira FuMarshall9.283
14Rylee EvansWoodgrove9.283
16Victoria VanDykePatriot9.267
16Maddie CleggForest Park9.267
18Ainsley CornstubleGreen Run9.250
19Ava DunnWT Woodson9.100
20Rachael MichitschRiverside9.083
21Kara LeeOcean Lakes9.017
22Riley CarrollHeritage8.950
23Maggie McConnellFirst Colonial8.933
24Tess GolabekLake Braddock8.900
25Elle OchaveKellam8.833
26Liza OwensAtlee8.767
26Grace NicosiaCox8.767
28Amelia SteinemerOcean Lakes8.617
29Emily HyunFreedom8.500
30Kerri WeibleTallwood8.483
31Karly ThurmanAtlee8.367
32Graceemae MurrayColonial Forge8.317
Bars Results
1Karly ThurmanAtlee9.533
2Payton MorrisonFairfax9.517
3Maddie CleggForest Park9.500
4Abby AndersonSouth Lakes9.317
4Zara ChristopheMountain View9.317
6Brooke GunterOcean Lakes9.283
7Sophia HousandStafford9.267
7Riley WaldropFreedom9.267
9Julia StoutLangley9.233
9Ava DunnWT Woodson9.233
11Mackenzie FoxNorth Stafford9.083
12Emily HyunFreedom9.017
13Kylee HudsonLightridge8.833
14Quinn BracknellKempsville8.767
14Samantha LeeOcean Lakes8.767
16Keira FuMarshall8.750
17Elizabeth CaseyStone Bridge8.733
18Avery GoodlinLoudoun Valley8.517
19Kara LeeOcean Lakes8.500
20Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley8.483
21Ainsley CornstubleGreen Run8.467
22Riley CarrollHeritage8.317
23Katie Davis-GillisPrincess Anne8.133
24Mia MihockoSouth County7.617
25Ericka RobertsonKellam7.483
26Jasmine PerillaBattlefield7.267
Beam Results
1Payton MorrisonFairfax9.800
2Kendall VessFairfax9.783
2Jill BrennanWT Woodson9.783
4Emily HyunFreedom9.733
5Maddie CleggForest Park9.700
6Sophia HousandStafford9.600
7Riley WaldropFreedom9.567
7Kara LeeOcean Lakes9.567
9Kaitlyn AlmonteRiverside9.517
10Ava DunnWT Woodson9.383
11Jordan GregoryMechanicsville9.350
12Jasmine PerillaBattlefield9.333
12Kaitlyn BieckerBrooke Point9.333
14Katie Davis-GillisPrincess Anne9.283
15Ainsley CornstubleGreen Run9.167
16Ericka RobertsonKellam9.150
17Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley8.900
18Zara ChristopheMountain View8.883
19Riley CarrollHeritage8.867
20Rilyn KittrellKempsville8.850
21Keira FuMarshall8.833
22Rheyana RegaladoOcean Lakes8.800
23Julia StoutLangley8.467
24Sarah HollingsworthBattlefield8.383
25Amalia WyattSouth Lakes8.333
26Mailee RobertsStafford8.317
27Graceemae MurrayColonial Forge8.250
28Chloe BreedloveJames Madison8.200
29Karly ThurmanAtlee7.900
Floor Results
1Payton MorrisonFairfax9.600
2Samantha LeeOcean Lakes9.583
3Emily HyunFreedom9.500
3Kendall VessFairfax9.500
3Sophia HousandStafford9.500
6Riley CarrollHeritage9.467
7Rylee EvansWoodgrove9.450
8Kara LeeOcean Lakes9.400
9Ella PetersonLoudoun Valley9.350
9Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley9.350
11Marissa FriedlWoodgrove9.317
12Breana SpainColonial Forge9.283
13Sophie SterlingColonial Forge9.250
14Keagan HabinaStafford9.217
14Christina Yang-BeggsStafford9.217
14Riley WaldropFreedom9.217
17Jordan IgnacioBattlefield9.200
18Ericka RobertsonKellam9.150
19Zara ChristopheMountain View9.133
20Graceemae MurrayColonial Forge9.100
20Jill BrennanWT Woodson9.100
22Ava DunnWT Woodson9.067
23Maddie CleggForest Park9.000
24Keira FuMarshall8.983
25Ainsley CornstubleGreen Run8.883
26Julia BarlowKellam8.833
27Julia StoutLangley8.817
28Alexis AlbrightSalem8.783
29Chloe BreedloveJames Madison8.700
30Payton LogsdonFirst Colonial8.650
31Kylee HudsonLightridge8.417
32Celest FaberAtlee8.167
33Annie MalamphyAtlee8.083
Team Results

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