Gymnastics: Heritage Sophomore Joanna Welch Leads Pride to Dulles District Mini Win


Aldie, Va. — Heritage High School sophomore Joanna Welch claimed the all-around title at the Dulles District mini at Lightridge High School on January 20, sweeping all four events, while leading the Pride to the team win.

Heritage senior Riley Carroll finished in second on the vault, beam, and floor while Lightridge junior Kylee Hudson placed second on bars.

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Complete meet results…

All-Around Results
1Joanna WelchHeritage9.8509.4509.0759.42537.800
2Kylee HudsonLightridge8.5508.7758.4759.00034.800
3Riley CarrollHeritage9.3507.1008.8759.22534.550
4Caitlyn NashHeritage8.8007.9508.7508.85034.350
5Camryn AlvarezBroad Run8.9007.7008.2258.90033.725
6Taylor HunterHeritage8.7507.6257.6258.35032.350
7Maddie ReeceLoudoun County8.3006.9508.4258.00031.675
8Madison BarkerBroad Run8.5506.7507.8007.85030.950
9Rachael ChrisnerLoudoun County8.2506.2507.5507.37529.425
Vault Results
1Joanna WelchHeritage9.850
2Riley CarrollHeritage9.350
3Camryn AlvarezBroad Run8.900
4Caitlyn NashHeritage8.800
5Sarah CharahLoudoun County8.750
5Taylor HunterHeritage8.750
7Aryaa ArgwalBroad Run8.600
7Keya PatelBroad Run8.600
9Madison BarkerBroad Run8.550
9Kylee HudsonLightridge8.550
11Meagan DonadoniBroad Run8.500
11Erika MillikenHeritage8.500
13Camilla AmatoBroad Run8.300
13Maddie ReeceLoudoun County8.300
15Rachael ChrisnerLoudoun County8.250
15Lauren LeHeritage8.250
Bars Results
1Joanna WelchHeritage9.450
2Kylee HudsonLightridge8.775
3Caitlyn NashHeritage7.950
4Camryn AlvarezBroad Run7.700
5Taylor HunterHeritage7.625
6Haley PatelHeritage7.450
7Riley CarrollHeritage7.100
8Maddie ReeceLoudoun County6.950
9Madison BarkerBroad Run6.750
10Nina CacciolaBroad Run6.550
11Keya PatelBroad Run6.450
12Rachael ChrisnerLoudoun County6.250
13Lauren LeHeritage6.225
14Aryaa ArgwalBroad Run5.850
15Meagan DonadoniBroad Run5.725
16Esmeralda HernandezPark View2.550
Beam Results
1Joanna WelchHeritage9.075
2Riley CarrollHeritage8.875
3Caitlyn NashHeritage8.750
4Kylee HudsonLightridge8.475
5Maddie ReeceLoudoun County8.425
6Haley PatelHeritage8.250
7Camryn AlvarezBroad Run8.225
8Madison BarkerBroad Run7.800
9Sarah CharahLoudoun County7.725
10Taylor HunterHeritage7.625
11Sarah VielbigBroad Run7.600
12Rachael ChrisnerLoudoun County7.550
13Lauren KimHeritage7.425
14Abby McConnellBroad Run6.900
15Esmeralda HernandezPark View6.750
16Camilla AmatoBroad Run6.675
17Emelyn HernandezPark View6.425
18Ashley HernandezPark View5.475
19Caitlyn PolstonBroad Run5.450
Floor Results
1Joanna WelchHeritage9.425
2Riley CarrollHeritage9.225
3Sarah VielbigBroad Run9.000
3Kylee HudsonLightridge9.000
5Camryn AlvarezBroad Run8.900
6Caitlyn NashHeritage8.850
7Taylor HunterHeritage8.350
8Lauren KimHeritage8.200
9Maddie ReeceLoudoun County8.000
10Esmeralda HernandezPark View7.900
10Lauren LeHeritage7.900
12Abby McConnellBroad Run7.875
13Madison BarkerBroad Run7.850
14Aria WilliamsLoudoun County7.625
15Camilla AmatoBroad Run7.550
16Sarah CharahLoudoun County7.475
16Nina CacciolaBroad Run7.475
18Rachael ChrisnerLoudoun County7.375
19Skylar ArnoldLoudoun County6.975
20Ashley HernandezPark View6.575
21Emelyn HernandezPark View6.075
Team Results
3Broad Run8.9007.7008.2259.00033.825
4Loudoun County8.7506.9508.4258.00032.125
5Park View0.0002.5506.7507.90017.200

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