Wellness Wednesday: Nutrition Guidelines After a Concussion


Loudoun County, Va. — Recovering from a concussion requires more than just sitting out from sports and limiting screen time. Eating healthy and maintaining good nutrition is equally important.

Here are some things to keep in mind…

  • Increase whole foods
    • Vegetables (baked, sautéed, raw)
    • Fruit
    • Whole Grains (whole wheat, oats, brown rice, quinoa)
    • Proteins (meats, beans, legumes, nuts, full fat dairy)
  • Increase omega 3 fatty acids
    • Salmon
    • Walnuts
    • Olive oils
    • Fish oil
  • Decrease processed foods
    • Chips
    • Desserts
    • Fried foods
    • Refined grains/flour (white bread)
  • Decrease sugar intake
    • White sugar
    • Artificial sugar (splenda, sucralose, etc)
    • Soda /Juice concentrate
  • Adequate water intake for hydration and blood flow
    • At least eight 8 oz glasses of water daily
  • Limit caffeine
  • No alcohol

Note from our sponsor: If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a concussion don’t wait, call LSTC today at, 703-450-4300. The sooner you seek help, the less likely further injury will occur.


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