Wellness Wednesday: Keeping up with Home Exercise Programs


Loudoun County, Va. — Right now, as you are all well aware, the whole world is responding to a pandemic. The Coronavirus or COVID-19 – which is one of many coronaviruses that have affected people in the past – has everyone on lockdown. You may be in quarantine as you read this blog – which is great. However, bodily maintenance is still important for you whether you’ve recently finished a course of physical therapy, or you’ve decided to put PT on hold until things (whenever they do) blow over.

It is important to continue at home exercises to reach the goals you have set for yourself and maintain the strength you have gained. With things starting to slow down, now is a good time to make time everyday to do some exercises from your HEP to maintain strength that you have built up.

What is Your HEP?

HEP stands for home exercise program. We begin physical therapy because we have a goal in mind. Relief from pain, increased functionality, staying active, playing with our kids, the list goes on. After the initial evaluation, a home exercise program is given to help us reach those specific goals.

The Motivation You Need!

Movie theaters are closed, restaurants are no longer allowing dine-in service; bars, churches, and community spaces aren’t able to hold events or gatherings. Now is the time to really put forth effort that maybe you haven’t given yet! Maybe you’ve fallen off from your home program and need some motivation to start again.


Choose 5 exercises a day to do during your quarantine. You can switch them around every day to make it fun. When you’re finished, spray some Lysol on your theraband if you used it and hang it up for the next day. You might as well take the time while you have less options for out-of-the-house activities!

Note from our sponsor: Questions about your home exercise program? Give our office a call at, 703-450-4300 and one of our physical therapists or certified athletic trainers will give you the answers you need!


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