Wellness Wednesday: Effective Treatment for Hamstring Injuries


Loudoun County, Va. — Hamstring injuries are common amongst athletes, especially with movements involving high-speed running, high kicks, slide tackling, and splits.

What are Hamstrings and How are They Injured?

The hamstring is a combination of three muscles:

  1. Semitendinosus
  2. Semimembranosus
  3. Biceps femoris

Injury is dependent on intensity of sport along with other variables such as duration, frequency and/or body compensations for other lower extremity injuries (such as injury to meniscus). Poor strength, flexibility, improper body mechanics with sport, failure to warm up properly, and poor alignment (via flat feet, leg length discrepancies, and improper knee alignment) can contribute to the ease of injury.

Due to the wide ranging potential for causation of this injury, it is recommended to seek medical professionals to help determine the type of injury and best course of action to help resolve your injury as soon as possible.

Note from our sponsor: Physical therapists are trained at a doctorate level to help assess and establish a plan of care for all injuries, including hamstring injuries. Therapy can help determine the severity of injury, analyze specific muscular involvement, and relay to the patient useful data regarding factors that may have contributed or will contribute to future injuries.


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