Wrestling: Freedom Senior Jacob Edwards Wins VHSL 5A State Title


Ashburn, Va. — Freedom High School senior Jacob Edwards claimed the 285-pound title at the VHSL 5A State championships on February 21-22 at Rock Ridge High School in Ashburn. Edwards won a 5-4 decision over John Randolph Tucker senior Mirvet Dudic in the championship match to claim the title.

Stone Bridge High School junior Charlie Lausten placed third in the 120-pound weight class, defeating Mountain View junior Dalton Arce by major decision, 14-2.

Freedom senior Cole Singer turned in the only remaining Top 5 Loudoun performance, placing fifth in the 220-pound weight class, pinning Kecoughtan sophomore Cordell Gregg at the 3:56 mark.

Complete championship results…

106 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceOwen RawlsNansemond RiveroverParker TrahanBrooke PointMD 14-2
3rd PlaceJonathan MinorHenricooverTony NguyenNorth StaffordFall 4:46
5th PlaceDavid SimonDeep RunoverMateo DuarteAtleeFall 2:35
113 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceEvan RawlsNansemond RiveroverJaden FloresKempsvilleDec 11-5
3rd PlaceStephen MainzBrooke PointoverJames HaynieAtleeDec 3-0
5th PlaceEthan HeitchewMountain ViewoverAdrian SamanoBaysideDec 5-0
120 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceBruno AlvesBrooke PointoverBraxton LewisNansemond RiverSV-1 13-11
3rd PlaceCharlie LaustenStone BridgeoverDalton ArceMountain ViewMD 10-2
5th PlaceBennie JonesHighland SpringsoverLogan ShanorFrank W. CoxFall 1:42
126 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceChristopher LeeBrooke PointoverCaleb OlgersVarinaFall 3:37
3rd PlaceBrett StrandahlJohn Randolph TuckeroverAndrew McDougalNansemond RiverDec 6-4
5th PlaceBen ConversePrincess AnneoverNickolas GarciaMatoacaInj. 0:00
132 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceEvan BuchananAtleeoverJohn StuartNorviewMD 15-2
3rd PlaceAustin ManningFrank W. CoxoverTravis HarrisBrooke PointDec 5-3
5th PlaceJack ZampiFirst ColonialoverDanny PiperDouglas FreemanFall 2:18
138 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceJohn BolstadMidlothianoverElijah GarciaMatoacaDec 5-3
3rd PlaceJustis BellBrooke PointoverAlex FrowertAtleeDec 7-4
5th PlaceCollin BridgesFrank W. CoxoverSam LedermanFirst ColonialFall 1:51
145 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceElijah WhiteMountain ViewoverJacob HendersonWilliam FlemingDec 3-0
3rd PlaceWilliam HarrisAtleeoverEthan BakerGloucesterFall 1:49
5th PlaceBen LatimerFirst ColonialoverChauncey WilsonPatrick HenryInj. 1:40
152 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceTommy BaldwinPrincess AnneoverAustin GlocknerGloucesterUTB 1-1
3rd PlaceBrenden OlsztaBrooke PointoverAshby BerryMidlothianMD 13-3
5th PlaceNicholas GoennerFirst ColonialoverHunter HuddlestonWilliam FlemingDec 10-3
160 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceJames SimonJohn Randolph TuckeroverRyan FoutzPatrick HenryDec 10-3
3rd PlaceJoshua SeatonGloucesteroverMatthew PrevatteNansemond RiverDec 7-3
5th PlaceBrandon ZobelGreen RunoverEarly IveyWilliam FlemingDec 7-5
170 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceRicardo HarringtonPatrick HenryoverJoel GarzaMountain ViewDec 5-1
3rd PlaceNolan GerwitzIndian RiveroverJayce ElliotNorviewFall 3:35
5th PlaceNathan FlemingJohn Randolph TuckeroverMadsen JeanNansemond RiverFor.
182 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceMatthew HensonNansemond RiveroverSolomon SmithWilliam FlemingFall 5:42
3rd PlaceMichael LongHickoryoverRemus MontalvoBrooke PointFall 2:19
5th PlaceAnthony SchwartzMidlothianoverDaniel MartinezAtleeFor.
195 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceCaleb JacobyDouglas FreemanoverShane WhitneyFrank W. CoxDec 6-2
3rd PlaceKameron HardisonDeep CreekoverMax McRobertsMills GodwinDec 4-2
5th PlaceKai CubineFirst ColonialoverBrandon HamiltonWilliam FlemingFall 2:48
220 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceBo KiteDeep RunoverDominic BartonJohn Randolph TuckerFall 3:27
3rd PlaceStone SummersMountain ViewoverAnttwone WashingtonHarrisonburgJr. For.
5th PlaceCole SingerFreedomoverCordell GreggKecoughtanFall 3:56
285 LB
MatchChampionSchoolRunner UpSchoolResult
1st PlaceJacob EdwardsFreedomoverMirvet DudicJohn Randolph TuckerDec 5-4
3rd PlaceCaleb O`CainThomas JeffersonoverAndrew BlantonClover HillMD 11-2
5th PlaceWalter BarnettDeep CreekoverCole HoltzDouglas FreemanFall 4:20

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