Gymnastics: Heritage Freshman Julia Welch Leads Pride to VHSL Region 4C Title


Leesburg, Va. — Heritage High School freshman Julia Welch claimed the all-around title at the VHSL Region 4C championship at her home school on February 10, leading the Pride to the team title. Loudoun Valley senior Jenna Haran led the Vikings to the team runner up, placing second in the individual all-around.

Welch used a win on the vault (9.775), bars (9.075) and floor (9.475) to win the all-around (37.500), defeating Haran by less than one point.

Haran won the beam (9.600) – an event she lost to Welch in the district championship – and placed second on the floor (9.325) to finish runner up in the all-around (36.575).

Complete meet results…

All-Around Results
1Julia WelchHeritage9.7759.0759.1759.47537.500
2Jenna HaranLoudoun Valley9.2008.4509.6009.32536.575
3Ashley BannertonLoudoun Valley9.4758.0509.5259.10036.150
4Ashley GillBroadway8.6258.9508.9759.20035.750
5Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley9.4008.5758.7008.87535.550
6Grace HawkLoudoun Valley8.6757.6509.4009.02534.750
7Riley CarrollHeritage8.6508.5258.1009.17534.450
8Sophie WeaverBroadway8.8007.9008.2008.82533.725
9Bri LuellenLee-Davis8.4008.2508.8757.92533.450
10Madi WangensteenLee-Davis8.4007.4009.1258.07533.000
11Madison KlumpHanover8.4258.2007.6007.85032.075
12Sydney OwensLee-Davis8.8756.3258.3007.92531.425
Vault Results
1Julia WelchHeritage9.775
2Ashley BannertonLoudoun Valley9.475
3Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley9.400
4Jenna HaranLoudoun Valley9.200
5Bethany GordonGreat Bridge8.900
6Sydney OwensLee-Davis8.875
7Avery GoodlinLoudoun Valley8.800
7Jordan DriverBroadway8.800
7Sophie WeaverBroadway8.800
10Taylor HunterHeritage8.725
11Grace HawkLoudoun Valley8.675
12Riley CarrollHeritage8.650
12Caitlyn NashHeritage8.650
14Ashley GillBroadway8.625
15Lizzie HasleyLee-Davis8.600
16Melanie VieyraLoudoun County8.550
17Aubrey YoungHanover8.500
18Madison KlumpHanover8.425
19Bri LuellenLee-Davis8.400
19Madi WangensteenLee-Davis8.400
Bars Results
1Julia WelchHeritage9.075
2Ashley GillBroadway8.950
3Allyson LivesayLee-Davis8.875
4Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley8.575
4Avery GoodlinLoudoun Valley8.575
6Riley CarrollHeritage8.525
7Jenna HaranLoudoun Valley8.450
8Bri LuellenLee-Davis8.250
9Madison KlumpHanover8.200
10Aubrey YoungHanover8.150
11Ashley BannertonLoudoun Valley8.050
12Jordan DriverBroadway8.000
13Sophie WeaverBroadway7.900
14Taylor HunterHeritage7.850
15Sophie KnightonLee-Davis7.800
16Grace HawkLoudoun Valley7.650
17Madi WangensteenLee-Davis7.400
18Sydney OwensLee-Davis6.325
Beam Results
1Jenna HaranLoudoun Valley9.600
2Ashley BannertonLoudoun Valley9.525
3Abby PepeGreat Bridge9.400
3Grace HawkLoudoun Valley9.400
5Jessica EstepBroadway9.225
6Julia WelchHeritage9.175
7Madi WangensteenLee-Davis9.125
8Ashley GillBroadway8.975
9Bri LuellenLee-Davis8.875
10Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley8.700
11Melanie VieyraLoudoun County8.600
12Kayla CrowsonLoudoun Valley8.475
13Katie KhosroviTuscarora8.400
14Sydney OwensLee-Davis8.300
15Sophie WeaverBroadway8.200
16Camyrn AlvarezBroad Run8.175
17Riley CarrollHeritage8.100
18Madison KlumpHanover7.600
19Aubrey YoungHanover7.425
Floor Results
1Julia WelchHeritage9.475
2Jenna HaranLoudoun Valley9.325
3Ashley GillBroadway9.200
4Riley CarrollHeritage9.175
5Ashley BannertonLoudoun Valley9.100
6Grace HawkLoudoun Valley9.025
7Carly SnyderLoudoun Valley8.875
8Sophie WeaverBroadway8.825
9Megan ShampDominion8.725
10Kira BrittinghamGreat Bridge8.550
11Sarah VielbigBroad Run8.450
12Jordan DriverBroadway8.325
13Madi WangensteenLee-Davis8.075
14Elva WilsonHanover8.050
15Sydney OwensLee-Davis7.925
15Bri LuellenLee-Davis7.925
17Madison KlumpHanover7.850
Team Results
2Loudoun Valley9.4758.5759.6009.32536.975

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