Girls Swimming: Briar Woods Girls Repeat as VHSL Region 5C Champs


Sterling, Va. — Led by sophomore Mackenzie Cunnane, senior Abby Harter, and junior Mackenzie McConagha, the Briar Woods High School girls swim team claimed their third straight VHSL Region 5C championship on February 8 in Sterling. Cunnane won the 50-yard freestyle and placed third in the 100-yard freestyle, Harter won the 200-yard individual medley, and McConagha won the 100-yard backstroke.

The Falcons also swept the relay events with Harter and McConagha leading the charge in the 200-yard medley relay and Cunnane, Harter, and McConagha helping Briar Woods win the 200- and 400-yard freestyle relays.

Also on the girls side, Potomac Falls senior Chale Jacks won the 100-yard butterfly and placed third in the 200-yard freestyle; Riverside senior Allison Kopac won the 200-yard freestyle and placed second in the 100-yard freestyle; Stone Bridge junior Molly Kennedy won the 500-yard freestyle; Potomac Falls junior Janika Perezous won the 100-yard freestyle and placed second in the 100-yard backstroke; and Riverside freshman Kylee Sessions won the 100-yard breaststroke.

Complete meet results…

Girls 200-Yard Medley Relay
11:45.71FalconsBriar Woods
21:49.53PanthersPotomac Falls
41:53.99ColonialsThomas Jefferson
62:04.67BulldogsStone Bridge
72:04.84PhoenixRock Ridge
82:18.22LancersR.E. Lee
Girls 200-Yard Freestyle
11:50.08Allison KopacRiverside
21:55.52Natalie MartinThomas Jefferson
31:57.93Chale JacksPotomac Falls
41:58.03Ann CargillBriar Woods
52:00.23Sam PliuskaitisBriar Woods
62:00.58Molly KennedyStone Bridge
72:02.82Zoe Van WinckelThomas Jefferson
82:06.81Andrea StefanyshynStone Bridge
92:00.95Ainsley DayyaniRiverside
102:04.66Erica OlsenPotomac Falls
112:05.08Abby ChurchFreedom
122:05.23Juliana VidalBriar Woods
132:05.95Isabel EliasRiverside
142:07.84Ashley BaeRiverside
152:08.14Sarah HolsteinBriar Woods
162:10.17Isabella BelogayPotomac Falls
Girls 200-Yard IM
11:59.31Abby HarterBriar Woods
22:07.31Jennifer LuongFreedom
32:09.26Sarah FrieWoodgrove
42:10.12Emily JordanBriar Woods
52:14.48Hannah YeRiverside
62:15.03Kylee SessionsRiverside
72:16.17Jocelyn NicholsPotomac Falls
82:24.22Mariya KiriakovaBriar Woods
92:19.46Nicole WinkloskyBriar Woods
102:25.49Katie MerrillThomas Jefferson
112:25.60Delaney McCummingsRiverside
122:28.44Anais BeauvaisThomas Jefferson
132:30.77Layla OgangoRiverside
142:31.09Ariel BernalWoodgrove
152:32.34Meghana GuttikondaRock Ridge
162:33.52Abby HarringtonFreedom
Girls 50-Yard Freestyle
124.73Mackenzie CunnaneBriar Woods
225.17Clara McAllisterThomas Jefferson
325.42Morgan GreigRiverside
425.63Macy BarmackRiverside
525.67Maggie HeathBriar Woods
626.12Caitlyn JacksonFreedom
726.17Jordan PhamRiverside
826.66Sydney DavenhallBriar Woods
926Kathryn MoranR.E. Lee
1026.53Emmalee AyalaRock Ridge
1026.53Sophia HaysWoodgrove
1226.9Jenny LiThomas Jefferson
1326.91Sabine SoongBriar Woods
1426.99Naska BatjargalStone Bridge
1527.11Abigail MartinRiverside
1627.29Lindsey McNultyThomas Jefferson
Girls 100-Yard Butterfly
157.25Chale JacksPotomac Falls
257.72Sarah FrieWoodgrove
358.5Mackenzie GuptonBriar Woods
459.28Natalie MartinThomas Jefferson
559.6Katie WinkloskyBriar Woods
61:00.91Amelia BuswellPotomac Falls
71:02.48Nicole WinkloskyBriar Woods
81:02.52Mikaela HaastRiverside
91:01.84Kathryn MoranR.E. Lee
101:02.65Jordan PhamRiverside
111:03.34Sydney DavenhallBriar Woods
121:03.90Chloe RamirezRiverside
131:05.16Claire PorterRiverside
141:05.44Carly BurnsFreedom
151:05.52Ani DykesPotomac Falls
161:06.55Megan YuThomas Jefferson
Girls 100-Yard Freestyle
151.49Janika PerezousPotomac Falls
251.51Allison KopacRiverside
354.89Mackenzie CunnaneBriar Woods
455.1Clara McAllisterThomas Jefferson
555.47Sam PliuskaitisBriar Woods
655.91Morgan GreigRiverside
756.36Maggie HeathBriar Woods
858.91Amelia BuswellPotomac Falls
957.31Emmalee AyalaRock Ridge
1057.61Ashley BaeRiverside
1158.4Paige MartinezR.E. Lee
1258.59Andrea StefanyshynStone Bridge
1359.03Katie MerrillThomas Jefferson
1459.69Jenny LiThomas Jefferson
151:00.08Naska BatjargalStone Bridge
161:00.91Caitlyn JacksonFreedom
Girls 500-Yard Freestyle
15:11.40Molly KennedyStone Bridge
25:12.30Katie WinkloskyBriar Woods
35:19.69Ann CargillBriar Woods
45:27.95Ainsley DayyaniRiverside
55:30.09Zoe Van WinckelThomas Jefferson
65:32.73Juliana VidalBriar Woods
75:39.25Erica OlsenPotomac Falls
85:40.42Isabella BelogayPotomac Falls
95:38.03Isabel EliasRiverside
105:39.54Sarah HolsteinBriar Woods
115:42.03Carly BurnsFreedom
125:44.98Chloe RamirezRiverside
135:50.46Layla OgangoRiverside
145:51.77Paige MartinezR.E. Lee
155:58.06Mikayla HainWoodgrove
166:08.23Ariel BernalWoodgrove
Girls 200-Yard Freestyle Relay
11:38.25FalconsBriar Woods
41:45.27ColonialsThomas Jefferson
61:46.44BulldogsStone Bridge
71:47.03LancersR.E. Lee
81:48.46PanthersPotomac Falls
Girls 100-Yard Backstroke
153.31Mackenzie McConaghaBriar Woods
255.05Janika PerezousPotomac Falls
359.43Mackenzie GuptonBriar Woods
41:02.10Mikaela HaastRiverside
51:02.13Abby ChurchFreedom
61:04.10Melodie MooreBriar Woods
71:05.80Claire PorterRiverside
91:03.99Delaney McCummingsRiverside
101:05.36Ani DykesPotomac Falls
111:06.34Maria StalcupStone Bridge
121:06.54Maddie VargasRiverside
131:06.65Megan YuThomas Jefferson
141:08.03Jocelyn YeeBriar Woods
151:08.53Olivia LeCountStone Bridge
161:10.03Victoria LuThomas Jefferson
DQDQJennifer LuongFreedom
Girls 100-Yard Breaststroke
11:07.79Kylee SessionsRiverside
21:08.95Hannah YeRiverside
31:09.80Mariya KiriakovaBriar Woods
41:10.15Jocelyn NicholsPotomac Falls
51:10.39Allison ShuppThomas Jefferson
61:11.84Anais BeauvaisThomas Jefferson
71:13.55Denise DoBriar Woods
91:12.71Sabine SoongBriar Woods
101:14.10Ellee PyleWoodgrove
111:15.13Claire O’SuchRiverside
121:16.14Abby HarringtonFreedom
131:16.70Sophia HaysWoodgrove
141:16.72Hannah SelkenR.E. Lee
151:18.16Meghana GuttikondaRock Ridge
161:18.72Vy DinhStone Bridge
DFSDFSEmily JordanBriar Woods
Girls 400-Yard Freestyle Relay
13:35.02FalconsBriar Woods
23:41.62PanthersPotomac Falls
33:44.34ColonialsThomas Jefferson
53:56.22BulldogsStone Bridge
63:56.49PhoenixRock Ridge
Girls Team Results
1Briar Woods492
3Thomas Jefferson276
4Potomac Falls254
6Stone Bridge143
8R.E. Lee108
9Rock Ridge69.5

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