Softball: 2018 Cheers and LoCoSports All-LoCo Team Selected


Loudoun County, Va. — Cheers and LoCoSports have named their 2018 All-LoCo softball team. Woodgrove High School junior Maxine Barnes has been named Player of the Year. Tuscarora High School head coach Bridget Bowles has been named Coach of the Year.

The All-LoCo photo shoot will be held on June 23 at 9:00 a.m. at Cheers Sports! Please RSVP to The Owl at or by direct message on Twitter at @LoCoSports.

Each first team selection will receive an All-LoCo t-shirt at the photo shoot. Please DO NOT go to Cheers to pick up your shirt prior to the photo shoot.

All-LoCo 2018 Softball First Team
PCamryn DolbyWoodgroveSR
PMorgan HessFreedomFR
PTressa KagariseLoudoun ValleySR
CMaddy CarpeStone BridgeJR
1BKeira WomackRock RidgeSR
2BPayton SchaafLoudoun ValleyJR
3BHannah ThomasWoodgroveSR
SSAllison KreyerStone BridgeSR
OFReagan BrillLoudoun ValleySR
OFLauren FoxStone BridgeSO
OFElena GonzalezStone BridgeJR
UTLMaxine BarnesWoodgroveJR
DP/FlexTess MitchellLoudoun CountySR
All-LoCo 2018 Softball Honorable Mention
3BBrooklyn AboulhosnStone BridgeSR
2BOlivia BaduraLoudoun ValleyJR
OFNatalie BlankenshipWoodgroveSR
2BLauryn ClarkeRock RidgeSR
1BKaly GarciaLoudoun CountySR
OFNatalia GordonLoudoun CountyJR
OFJae GorhamRock RidgeSR
OFKensley HessFreedomJR
1BHannah LeeJohn ChampeSR
SSKatie MerchantWoodgroveSO
PMary PaulyTuscaroraJR
PKatrina PotakBroad RunFR
PEmily SappingtonStone BridgeJR
PAlyssa TaylorLoudoun CountyJR
DP-FlexRebecca TunneyStone BridgeSR

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