Concussion Central: 5 Ways to Limit Concussions (Infographic)


Loudoun County, Va. — Americans love contact sports. Every March, no matter where we are, we find a way to watch the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Every Sunday during the fall, we watch our heroes lay their bodies on the line on the gridiron. And every four years, businesses literally shut down so soccer fans can enjoy the World Cup.

However, as athletes have become bigger and stronger, contact sports have started to receive major heat about the serious head injuries that can occur during sporting events.

While helmets, and other forms of protective equipment, can protect against skull fractures and more serious brain injuries, they cannot prevent a concussion; therefore, it is vitally important to be well-informed about everything we know regarding brain injuries.

Experts agree that the best ways to reduce the possibility of concussions are to follow league rules and to encourage athletes to report concussion symptoms.

Here are five of the best ways to help limit concussions among student-athletes…

Concussion Education Infographic


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