Football: Woodgrove Senior Lineman Thomas Ellis Commits to D3 Grove City


Photo by Emily Alexander

By Chloe Adam
LoCoSports Staff Writer
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Purcellville (February 21, 2017) — Woodgrove High School senior Thomas Ellis has decided to continue his football career at Grove City College starting in the 2018-2019 academic year.

“It is a true blessing to have been given this chance to play college football,” the 5-foot-9defensive lineman said. “To be committed is a blessing from my lord and savior. God has opened so many doors for me so all the glory goes to him. I can’t say it enough; it is truly an honor to be able to continue playing football.”

Cheers SportsGrove City College is a small Christian-based college located in Grove City, Pennsylvania. This rural liberal arts college offers over 50 programs of study for the 3,000 students there.

“Grove City has a great Christian and conservative influence, which has always been a high priority of mine. It is also a small school, which I prefer. It’s a fantastic academic college with an extremely high job placement rate as well. Alongside the academics, the football program is under a great coaching staff and the player culture made me feel part of a family.”

The Division II Grove City Wolverines are led by head coach Andrew Didonato and assisted by nine other coaches.

“I believe that I will add speed and strength to the defensive line at Grove City,” Ellis said. “Being a little bit shorter, stockier, and combining my lower body strength has always given me a huge advantage against larger opponents and will continue to at Grove City.”

Ellis and the rest of the Woodgrove Wolverines had an extremely successful season ending 11-1 with a ten game winning streak. The varsity team is led by head coach Mike Skinner.

“Being able to play at Woodgrove High School was an amazing experience,” Ellis said. “It was an honor to play for Mike Skinner, with arguably the best fan base in the county and the best coaching staff around. My closet friends have been made through football too and I would give anything to be able to play one more Friday night game with them.”

Since he was young, Ellis has battled against nonbelievers in the football world due to his size.

“Football was always a passion for me at a young age and grew with me,” Ellis said. “What has always motivated me the most is my strive to prove people wrong. I hold a grudge because I’m shorter than most players. I like to show people that it is not always about the size of player, but the drive and hard work they put in and have that can take people far in life.”


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