Wrestling: VHSL 4A West Region Results – Loudoun Sees Three Individual Champions


Aldie (February 14, 2016) – On February 12 and 13, John Champe High School hosted the 2015-2016 VHSL 4A West region championships where wrestlers from Dominion, Freedom, Heritage, John Champe, Loudoun County, Loudoun Valley, Park View, Rock Ridge and Woodgrove High Schools met with 20 other schools to find out who the region’s top wrestler in each weight class is. Fauquier High School took home the team title with two individual champions. Freedom turned in the top LoCo performance placing second with two individual champions of their own.

Team Results

1 Fauquier 202
2 Freedom 153.5
3 Amherst 116
3 Handley 116
5 Woodgrove 102
6 Liberty 97.5
7 Liberty Christian 96
8 John Champe 90
9 James Wood 89
10 Sherando 87
11 Jefferson Forest 70.5
12 Kettle Run 67.5
13 Loudoun Valley 65
13 William Fleming 65
15 Loudoun County 48
15 Rock Ridge 48
17 GW-Danville 39
18 Harrisonburg 37
19 Millbrook 33
20 Heritage 31
21 Carroll County 29
22 William Byrd 28
23 Dominion 27
24 Bassett 8
25 Park View 7
26 Charlottesville 6
26 Pulaski County 6
26 Salem 6
29 E.C. Glass 5

Individual Results


Tyress Wade (William Fleming) over Jarrett Tardiff (Woodgrove)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Tyress Wade (William Fleming), Jarrett Tardiff (Woodgrove), Trevor LeMaster (Freedom) and Guillermo Torres (Harrisonburg)


Aaron Black (James Wood) over Kyle Budd (Fauquier)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Aaron Black (James Wood), Kyle Budd (Fauquier), Jose Bonilla (Dominion) and Justin Phillips (Liberty Christian)


Caden Lody (Kettle Run) over Sean Crumbliss (Freedom)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Caden Lody (Kettle Run), Sean Crumbliss (Freedom), Derek Shockey (Woodgrove) and Joe DelGallo (Fauquier)


Tyler Foster (Fauquier) over Mike Duffy (Sherando)
VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Tyler Foster (Fauquier), Mike Duffy (Sherando), Travis Oliver (Jefferson Forest) and Zach Singhas (James Wood)


Lio Quezada (Handley) over Blake Justis (Jefferson Forest)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Lio Quezada (Handley), Blake Justis (Jefferson Forest), Hunter Hall (Freedom) and Caxton Vaught (Carroll County)


Kyle Roche (Fauquier) over Tatum Tyree (Amherst)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Kyle Roche (Fauquier), Tatum Tyree (Amherst), Cam Bentley (Handley) and Jake Urbanski (Harrisonburg)


Chad Cantrell (Liberty Christian) over Caleb Strum (Fauquier)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Chad Cantrell (Liberty Christian), Caleb Strum (Fauquier), Trae Sine (Millbrook) and Devyn Kreb (John Champe)


Cade Kiely (Loudoun Valley) over Emmanual Mugoya (John Champe)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Cade Kiely (Loudoun Valley), Emmanual Mugoya (John Champe), Franco Camarca (Fauquier) and Jordan Florence (Liberty)


Garrett Tingen (Fauquier) over Taylor Goolsby (Jefferson Forest)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Garrett Tingen (Fauquier), Taylor Goolsby (Jefferson Forest), Octavius Jones (Amherst) and Andrew Andrade (John Champe)


Garret Moody (Freedom) over Dolan Delaney (Handley)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Garret Moody (Freedom), Dolan Delaney (Handley), Clifford Harrison (Fauquier) and Jack Scalio (Loudoun County)


John Borst (Sherando) over Kyle Branch (Woodgrove)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: John Borst (Sherando), Kyle Branch (Woodgrove), Griffin Oberg (Rock Ridge) and Brian Storey (Liberty)


Jeffrey Allen (Amherst) over Cordell Smith (Liberty)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Jeffrey Allen (Amherst), Cordell Smith (Liberty), Ryan Schwind (Kettle Run) and Zach David (Loudoun Valley)


Mason Wolk (Liberty Christian) over Wade Wheeler (Amherst)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Mason Wolk (Liberty Christian), Wade Wheeler (Amherst), Tommy Shea Roop (Handley) and Zach Stanley (Woodgrove)


Enes Karaaslan (Freedom) over Elijah Boldin (John Champe)

VHSL 4A State Qualifiers: Enes Karaaslan (Freedom), Elijah Boldin (John Champe), Adam Vadell (James Wood) and Julian Sams (Liberty)


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