Football: 2015 All-Conference 21B Team Selected


Heritage junior Alex Carlin earned Offensive Player of the Year honors in Conference 21B. Photo by Leah Coles.

(November 16, 2015) – Conference 21B has selected its all-conference team for football. Heritage High School junior Alex Carlin was named Offensive Player of the Year. Dominion High School senior Adeeb Atariwa was named Defensive Player of the Year. Heritage High School head coach Reed Prosser was named Coach of the Year.

All Conference 21B Football First Team Offense
QB Alex Carlin JR Heritage
RB Mitch Westbrook SR Heritage
RB Vashon McCants JR Dominion
RB Eric Vivian JR Rock Ridge
OL Adeeb Atariwa SR Dominion
OL Tommy Christ SR Dominion
OL Brent Smith SR Heritage
OL William McDonald SR Loudoun Valley
OL Cameron George SR Heritage
WR Cole Miller SR Heritage
WR Duron Norris JR Loudoun Valley
WR George Richardson SO Dominion
TE Matt Gricoski SR Dominion
All-Purpose Trey McDyre SR Loudoun Valley
K Andres Villalon SR Heritage
KR Chase Jefferson SR Park View

All Conference 21B Football First Team Defense
DL Adeeb Atariwa SR Dominion
DL Jude Njoku SR Heritage
DL Ben Stapleton SR Loudoun Valley
DE Tommy Christ SR Dominion
DE Drew Perry JR Loudoun Valley
LB Kyle Smith JR Dominion
LB Jonathan Wooden JR Heritage
LB Thomas Holloman SR Loudoun Valley
LB Caleb Donofrio SO Park View
DB Tucker Strycharz SR Dominion
DB Jordan Hinson SR Dominion
DB Brandon Ruffin SR Dominion
DB Aaron Maisus SO Heritage
All-Purpose Jordan Elam SR Loudoun Valley
P Andres Villalon SR Heritage
PR Mitch Westbrook SR Heritage

All Conference 21B Football Second Team Offense
QB Nick Kallivokas JR Loudoun Valley
RB Chase Jefferson SR Park View
RB Joseph LaFonte SR Loudoun Valley
RB Nikolai Hopkins JR Park View
OL Justin Smith SR Heritage
OL Alex Lainez SO Park View
OL Chris Hanna SR Dominion
OL Damian Moo JR Heritage
OL Jack Gettier SR Loudoun County
WR Sosthene Kah SR Loudoun County
WR Bryce Hartzell SR Dominion
WR Andrew Sylvain SR Heritage
TE Ryan Horner SR Loudoun County
All-Purpose Chase Jefferson SR Park View
K Anthony Lampe FR Park View
KR Matt Suder SR Loudoun County

All Conference 21B Football Second Team Defense
DL Jonathan Baltimore SR Park View
DL James Burless SR Dominion
DL Alonzo Page SR Rock Ridge
DE Tyler Daily SR Heritage
DE Jordan Harris SR Loudoun County
LB Sawyer Brill SR Loudoun Valley
LB Colin Mills JR Park View
LB Syed Qadri JR Rock Ridge
LB Michael Cypher SR Loudoun Valley
DB Darius Taylor SR Loudoun County
DB Conor McNicholl SR Loudoun County
DB Marcos Pierce SR Loudoun Valley
DB Giovanni Lopez Santa-Maria SR Park View
All-Purpose Ryan Horner SR Loudoun County
P Trey McDyre SR Loudoun Valley
PR Joseph LaFonte SR Loudoun Valley


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